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On behalf of its members, the Rhode Island Occupational Therapy Association strives to represent, advance, and advocate for the profession and practice of occupational therapy.

Letter from the President

Welcome to the Rhode Island Occupational Therapy Association web site. We strive to provide information about current educational and employment opportunities, advocacy efforts and links to related organizations. I welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to contact me at president@riota.org .

Thank You for visiting us,

Kim M. Gilbert

RIOTA President

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The results are in!

The RIOTA survey distributed in February 2020 to determine the needs and priorities of Rhode Island OT’s has provided some great insights! Thanks to all who participated!


The goal of the survey was to discover how RIOTA can best serve the RI occupational therapy community.

Here’s what we discovered:

It came as no surprise that over half of respondents feel over-committed. Others find cost, and timing and location of meetings to be barriers, so RIOTA leadership is devising ways to make it easier to participate and make our meetings easier to attend.


Respondents said they would like to see a RIOTA membership include:

online continuing education (80%), in-person continuing education (60%), professional development (42%), insurance/reimbursement support and training (32%), and mentorship (29%). RIOTA leadership is planning increased online education offerings and professional development opportunities, including presentations for RIOTA and other local organizations, as well as re-establishing our mentorship program. In person continuing education will be paused as we navigate the COVID-19 situation. We will continue to explore a variety of topics in our on-line education, to include reimbursement and telehealth.


Other RIOTA activities that respondents value include:

advocating on behalf of OT professionals in the RI Legislature (very important to 76%), promoting the profession of OT in our community (69%), and promoting consumer awareness and advocacy (53%) 


In addition to learning more about what you value, we were interested to learn more about your areas of practice and years of experience. RIOTA leadership will use this information to better tailor our offerings to meet your needs and interests.

Thank you to all who took the time to complete our survey!

The Amazon gift card raffle winners have been selected!

They are: $100 gift card: Judy F.; $50 gift card: Allie N.; and $25 gift card: Jamie M.. Congratulations!!

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