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Special Interest Groups

The Rhode Island Occupational Therapy Association currently has 3 Special Interest Groups (SIG) that focus on Adult Disabilities, Mental Health, and Pediatrics. These SIGs are a way to share common interests within the RIOTA organization and offer opportunities to advance knowledge.

What is a special interest group or SIG?

RIOTA offers small group gatherings throughout the year that focus on special topics or areas of practice. These offer members the opportunity to come together in a professional community around common interests or needs. Networking, continuing education, professional development, informal mentoring, and innovative joint projects are all possibilities in these groups. 

Special Interest Groups are organized based on member needs.


Interested in a particular SIG? Check the RIOTA calendar for coming events or contact the SIG leaders directly at their email address below.

Adult SIG:

Pediatrics SIG:

Mental Health SIG: ​

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